Do You Fly Often? Take Advantage of a Promotional US Airlines Letter That Might Be Mailed to You

There are some businessmen who take more than 50 flights in a year. If you are one among them or even if you fly just a handful of times, you might be lucky enough to receive a US Airlines letter in your mail that might offer you complimentary tickets.

It is quite amazing but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people usually discard these promotional offers because they think it is some sort of a scam as airlines do not give away free tickets. The truth of the matter however is that a US Airlines letter that promotes free tickets is completely legitimate.

Promotional US Airlines letter

Here is a brief description that will hopefully help you understand why you might become the recipient of such as US Airlines letter in the future.

Airline companies have a tough time filling their seats. Competition is very heavy and people are always looking for the best deals which will mean that loyalty is quite low when it comes to choice of airline. In an effort to attract and retain more customers, companies like US Airlines occasionally hand out free tickets to people whose names will be present on a pre approved list of potential customers. This pre approved list will usually contain the names of people who have flown a few times in the past. Sometimes, even people who have never flown before might get a promotional US Airlines letter if their credit is very good or of they have shared their contact information through a travel agent.

When someone receives the US Airlines letter, all they have to do is call the numbers provided in the letter and identify themselves as the recipient of this letter. They will then be told to come down to the ticketing office to be issued the tickets. There are absolutely no costs involved in this promotional offer and you in fact have to consider yourself quite lucky if you get such as US Airlines letter as you could essentially get about $500 to $1,000 worth of airline tickets without spending a penny.

How can airline companies afford to give out free tickets? Well, they know what they are doing. They are well aware of the fact that some of their planes do not fly full. Instead of flying planes with empty seats, they will give out some free tickets to people who will be potential advertisements for the company. As you might know, word of mouth advertising is a very strong medium and the airline company is banking on your stories and narrations about the free tickets to generate them more sales in the future.

Promotional Letter from US Airlines

Have you recently been the recipient of a letter from US Airlines or any other airline company that offered you free or complimentary tickets? Well, if you have, you are one of few select customers to be eligible to receive that letter from US Airlines which gets sent out as part of the US Airlines marketing program.

Competition in the airline industry is hectic and a lot of airline companies are struggling to fill their seats. US Airlines is no different when it comes to that situation and they have adopted a unique marketing tactic. In this marketing effort, a pre approved or pre screened customer will receive a letter from US Airlines that states that he or she is eligible for a couple of tickets. The letters will go out to people who are potential frequent fliers or those who have flown sometime during the recent past.

One will have to follow the instructions given in the letter from US Airlines to avail these free tickets. A lot of people are skeptical about free offers and they will be especially skeptical about free airline tickets as they do not come cheap. But, look at this way, sometimes, a flight will fly out with many empty seats. The airline company does not lose anything by allowing a few select passengers to take a free ride on a plane that would otherwise fly with unoccupied seats. Technically, you are a walking advertisement for US Airlines once you avail these free tickets because you are bound to a tell a few people you know about the letter from US Airlines that allowed you to get a couple of free tickets.

This is great publicity for US Airlines as marketing surveys show that airline ticket sales are strongly driven by word of mouth references. For example, a family member will have a great experience with a certain airline and will talk about it to other family members who will most probably use that airline in the future.

So, if you get a letter from US Airlines about complimentary tickets, grab your chance to avail them as it will cost you absolutely nothing. You just have to call the ticketing agency and identify yourself as the recipient of the letter from US Airlines and then you will be allowed to choose a couple of seats to a destination on a US Airlines route. You might have to wait just a couple of weeks to use your free tickets but a couple of weeks are not much time at all when you consider the value you get in the form of free airline tickets.

US Airlines

The United States boasts a big number of airlines that double as domestic and international airlines. These US airlines boast big fleets or aircraft from those that sit more than two hundred passengers to little aircraft that sit less than twenty people. These airlines offer flights between some of the busiest airports in the world and some of the most remote places, or some of the smallest airports in the United States.

These airlines also range from discount airlines to private charter companies that cater to the rich and famous. Some of these airlines are TWA, Southwest, Northwest, Delta, Alaska airlines just to mention a few.

Many of these airlines have partnered with major international carriers to provide cheaper options for travelers, and also more travel destinations for the travelers to choose from.

These airlines have also partnered with hotel chains and car rental companies to provide subsidized travel packages to travelers. These US airlines are also partnering up with credit card companies. So for example if you have a Delta Airlines credit card, you can use it, and every time you use it, you accumulate points that you can redeem for a plane ticket or even for a stay in a hotel.

Many airlines also offer reward schemes commonly known as frequent flier miles. Those people who accumulate thousands of these miles from both domestic and international travel get perks such as priority check in, VIP treatment or even the choice to upgrade from coach to first class. From this you can see that US airlines are encouraging more and more people to fly, with the perks offered and also the reasonable ticket prices that they offer.

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Caribbean Destinations on the Cheap

The sparkling blue waters and the relaxed vibe of the Caribbean lure millions of visitors each year from the United States, Canada, India, and Europe. The cost of vacationing in some Caribbean destinations, though, can be shockingly high. Fortunately, there are several sun-soaked locations that won’t cost you a small fortune. Through Global Discovery Network, you can enjoy a laid-back trip to one of these locales without putting your savings in jeopardy.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

Located in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana offers a tropical oasis worlds away from the cares of everyday life. Vast expanses of powdery sand will make you feel like you’ve truly landed in paradise. Punta Cana is primarily a resort destination – you won’t find scores of eco-tourism activities or a bustling nightlife scene – but if you’re looking for a romantic or family getaway, this location might be just what you need. If you do grow tired of beach lounging, step away from the resort grounds and explore the local culture, which revolves heavily around cigars, rum, and coffee. Consider booking an all-inclusive vacation to minimize cost and hassle – Global Discovery Network offers full packages that include airfare, resort accommodations, and even ground transportation.



Grenada hasn’t caught on with tourists like Grand Bahama Island or Jamaica. This means that you can find great deals on resorts and vacation packages at this relatively undiscovered paradise. It also means that you won’t have to wade through tourists while you’re enjoying Granada’s attractions. The aromas of the island’s numerous spice plantations will leave lasting memories, as will the azure waters of St. George’s Harbor. For a taste of the local life, head over to Market Square, where vanilla and nutmeg permeate the air. You’ll find plenty of cafes offering local cuisine at bargain prices; however, keep in mind that the island doesn’t cater to American tastes, so you should bring your sense of culinary adventure with you. Hotels are typically cheapest along Grand Anse Island. Autumn is the perfect time of year to catch a deal and stretch your dollar even further.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Located just three hours from Miami, Puerto Rico offers a tropical experience without the hassles of international travel. The wide range of experiences here provides something for everyone. In San Juan, you can enjoy upscale shopping and vibrant nightlife. Outside the city, you’ll be greeted by dense jungles, sprawling beaches, and slow-paced villages where you won’t care what time it is. The bus system is inexpensive and serves San Juan and many of the neighboring towns and villages. As you might expect, food prices are high in the trendier areas of San Juan, but you can enjoy cheap, delicious meals in the northeast areas of Fajardo and Luquillo. Puerto Rico, unlike many other Caribbean destinations, offers low hotel prices throughout the year instead of just during the off-season.

Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic is the most populous city in the Caribbean, and offers visitors a deep historical and cultural experience. This is where Christopher Columbus settled during his third attempt at colonizing the New World. Enjoy the sounds of salsa and meringue music in a nightclub in Malecon or visit one of the intimate cafes in Zona Colonial. Plenty of men will be on hand to guide you through a tour of the Colonial area, but you can skip the cost and discover Santo Domingo’s history on your own. When you’re dealing with street vendors, haggling is both acceptable and expected.

Don’t fall for high prices just to enjoy the warmth and culture of the Caribbean. With Your Global Discovery Network membership, you can spend less money getting there and save your hard-earned cash for a few treats during your stay.

Top Attractions of Penang Island, Malaysia

Penang Island Malaysia

Penang Island is typically viewed by tourists as a side trip when visiting Kuala Lumpur. The bustling island, though, is a vacation destination in its own right. Steeped in centuries of history, Penang Island offers visitors a unique cultural experience flavored by a variety of regional influences. The strange mix of modern and traditional only serves to increase the island’s appeal – in Georgetown, impressive skyscrapers tower over traditional kampung villages. A trip to Penang Island through Global Connections Travel Agency will afford you the best of relaxation, historical exploration, and modern convenience.

Penang Bird Park

If you’re a nature enthusiast, you should include a visit to Penang Bird Park during your trip to Penang Island. The enclosed habitat features a tropical setting where you can relax and soak in the carefully manicured landscapes. Macaws, parrots, and dozens of species of native creatures await you in this picturesque oasis. In all, there are more than 300 winged creatures here, and you’ll encounter many photo opportunities as you wander through the park. Keep your eye out for storks while you’re here. You’ll also have the opportunity to see crocodiles, native deer, rabbits, and other land creatures during your visit.

Air Trejun Kerawang

The natural landscapes of Penang are part of the lure of the island, and Air Trejun Kerawang is one of the best places to explore the area’s natural beauty. This sprawling park offers the opportunity to escape from civilization and relax amid acres of beautiful tropical scenery. There are plenty of hiking trails where you can amble at your leisure, soaking in the unspoiled foliage and catching glimpses of native wildlife. Be sure to bring swimming gear – the numerous pools will certainly invite you to cool off when the tropical sun beats down. Before you leave, be sure to snap a few photos of the spectacular waterfalls.

Penang Hill

At the top of Penang Hill, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the coastal areas of Penang Island and Georgetown. You’ll want to make sure you have your camera ready before you journey to the top of the hill, which towers 2,700 feet above sea level. The views from the pinnacle are only part of the attraction, though – you’ll need to catch a ride on the funicular railway in order to get there. During the 30 minute journey, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with locals and other tourists, which could be the highlight of your trip to Penang Island. The moderate temperatures of the hill will want to make you linger, particularly during the summer months when the humid climate of Georgetown can be suffocating.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple

Malaysia is a diverse country that reflects the influences of its Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu residents. Rather than clashing, the various cultures of the country coexist peacefully, creating an interesting and unique culture that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re interested in the religious influences of Penang Island, be sure to make time for a trip to Kek Lok Si Temple, a seven-story Buddhist temple that draws crowds of visitors throughout the year. The pagoda housing this temple features Thai, Burmese, and Chinese influences. Visitors are free to wander through the interior, which contains colorful statuary and a variety of other religious artwork.

In Georgetown, you’ll find plenty of upscale hotels where you can relax after a day of exploring idyllic tropical wonders. Global Connections Travel Agency can help you find the perfect accommodations to make your visit unforgettable.

Top 5 Attractions on Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island hosts more than one million tourists each year – and for good reason. The warm gulf stream waters, the lush tropical landscapes, and the laid-back attitude of the locals keep vacationers coming back year after year. Most Caribbean travelers are familiar with the hair braiding stalls, the ubiquitous island music, and the local obsession with a strange type of shellfish called conch. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find a wealth of treasures to explore on this commercialized yet highly intriguing Caribbean island. When you’re planning your Bahamas trip through Global Connection Inc., be sure to check out these exciting attractions:

Garden of the Groves

Located outside of Freeport, the main city on Grand Bahama Island, Garden of the Groves offers an oasis where you can explore the natural splendor and wildlife of the Caribbean. Throughout the 12 acres of this island paradise, you can wander through lush gardens and enjoy colorful flowers in a relaxing setting. Plenty of bird watching opportunities are available for those looking to spot a few of the island’s winged inhabitants. If you’re traveling with children, be sure to stop by the petting zoo or take part in an interactive show. Garden of the Groves also features a meditation labyrinth where you can decompress and enjoy the sounds and sights of the park. Be sure to enjoy lunch on the patio or in the park’s air-conditioned dining room – Wi-Fi is available if you need to check in on your smartphone or tablet while you’re here.

Dolphin Experience

Dolphin Experience

If you’re looking for a spot to see dolphins and other aquatic creatures up close, Dolphin Experience is the place to be. Located at Port Lucaya Marina, this attraction offers a variety of tours that you won’t soon forget. Try swimming with dolphins in the facility’s expansive lagoon or even learn how to be a dolphin trainer. You can also enjoy diving to explore the coral reefs or ship wrecks. If diving puts you a little too close to the action, you can watch dolphins play from the boat’s observation deck. There is a bar and grill where you can enjoy casual fare after your tour or excursion.

Port Lucaya Marketplace

If the Grand Bazaar is the most popular shopping experience on Grand Bahama Island, Port Lucaya Marketplace isn’t far behind. There is a sprawling straw market where you can mingle with the locals and shop for all kinds of souvenirs. This marketplace is also home to some of the most popular perfume and jewelry stores on the island. With plenty of food stalls and cafes, Port Lucaya Marketplace is also a must-see attraction for foodies. Be sure to visit Count Basie Square, which is situated directly behind the marketplace – you’ll be treated to live music and a festive atmosphere.

Junkanoo Beach Club

For those looking for an all-inclusive vibe while exploring Grand Bahama Island, Junkanoo Beach Club is a perfect place to spend a relaxing day. Rent a beach chair and an umbrella and catch up on your reading list while listening to the ocean waves, or rent a paddleboat and test your skills on the open waters. Junkanoo Beach Club is home to its own straw market, so you can pick up necessities or a few souvenirs while you’re here. After a long day of exploring or beach lounging, make use of the on-site showers and then enjoy a grand meal and a cocktail at the facility’s restaurant.

Bonfire on the Beach

For a quintessential island experience, make reservations to take part on Bonfire on the Beach. As the name suggests, you’ll spend an entertaining evening mingling with locals and other tourists while the bonfire lights up the beach in the background. Enjoy limbo, sand volleyball, and other activities at this festive event. There is a dinner buffet, which is included in the reservation cost. You’ll even have complimentary transportation to and from your hotel, so you won’t have to worry about having to find your way back late at night. The chicken, slaw, and other buffet items are delicious, but the most enjoyable part of your experience might just be watching a spectacular sunset over the ocean.

Between excursions, you’ll want to unwind in one of Grand Bahama Island’s luxury hotels. Your Global Connection Inc. specialist can help you find the resort room that will make your Caribbean vacation perfect!

Indispensible Travel Tips for a European Vacation

So you’ve finally decided to book the European vacation you’ve always wanted to take. You’ve seen the travel deals Global Discovery Vacations has to offer, and you’re already dreaming of a candlelit dinner in Paris or a leisurely cruise down the Mediterranean. Taking a vacation in Europe, though, requires more planning than a stateside getaway. There are several things you should consider that will help make your vacation experience more enjoyable and help take the stress out of planning.


Secure your passports several months in advance. The process of obtaining a passport can be cumbersome and requires a significant amount of paperwork. If you don’t have your birth certificate handy, you will need to obtain a certified copy from your local vital records office. You’ll also need a photo that meets stringent requirements. After you submit your application package, it can take several weeks before you receive your passport. Also, make sure you order the passport book – the card will not enable you to travel between countries by air.

Focus on the quality of your European vacation experience. Many tourists attempt to visit several countries and cities during their trips, given Europe’s relatively small size. You might reason that because you might not travel to Europe again in the near future, you should see as much as possible. Planning a multi-destination vacation, though, can be a stressful experience. Instead, you might opt to spend time in just one or two cities. This will allow you to have a more relaxed experience and enable you to enjoy some attractions that most tourists miss.

European Dining

Budget plenty of money for dining. Culinary delights are inseperable from the European vacation experience – no matter which city you visit, you will have the opportunity to sample local delicacies and enjoy fine dining atmospheres. Keep in mind, though, that dining in Europe can be surprisingly expensive. A meal at some Parisian eateries, for example, can easily cost you 200 Euros or more. Failing to account for the high restaurant prices in Europe can throw off your entire vacation budget and leave you feeling stressed.

Consider visiting during off-season times. If you have children, it might be most convenient to take a European vacation during the summer months. This season, though, brings higher than usual hotel, attraction, and restaurant prices. If possible, plan to travel to Europe in the spring or autumn. In most parts of Europe, the weather will still be agreeable, and you’ll spend substantially less during your trip. As an added bonus, your destination city will be less crowded, allowing you to more fully enjoy the city’s attractions and activities.

Foreign Language

Take a language course before you go. English is widely spoken throughout most parts of Europe, but you shouldn’t rely on the locals’ ability (or willingness) to understand you. It might be impossible to become fluent in a foreign language in just a few months, but learning to understand and speak at least a few key phrases will help you interact with the locals, find your way around, and obtain emergency services if needed. Even if you’re visiting an English speaking country, it’s a good idea to learn local idioms that you will likely encounter during your trip.

Be vigilant while walking or using public transportation. Some European cities are safer than others, but almost all carry a risk of pickpocketing and other non-violent crimes. These crimes typically target tourists because people on vacation are usually less guarded than locals. Keep your money in a secure place and avoid taking out large sums of cash where others can see you. If you carry a purse, choose a purse with a thick strap and wear the strap across your body.

By following these tips, your Global Discovery Vacations trip will be an enjoyable, memorable experience, and you’ll have fun taking in the sights and cultural influences of Europe.

4 Things Travel Agents Offer that Benefit Travelers

Going kayakingWith just about everything seemingly available online these days, people might wonder what travel agents have to offer. If you can buy your tickets online, read review sites and troll bargain sites for deals, doesn’t that make hiring a travel agent redundant? The answer to that question is an emphatic, “No.” Here are 4 things that travel agents offer that are almost impossible to replicate, no matter how savvy you are at surfing the Internet.

Destination Specific Information

It’s true that review sites offer you a mountain of information. It’s also true that those reviews are based on the experiences of individuals that may not share your values or worldview. As such, you run up against not only a mountain of review information about places like Bangkok and Taipei, but a mountain of information that is often conflicting. Travel agents offer you destination specific information that matter to you. For example, they might recommend a specific hotel because it’s within walking distance of the sites you want to see or offers you fast access to the airport, depending on your preferences.

More Authentic Travel

If you belong to the group of travelers are less interested in the common tourist sites and more interested in the authentic culture of a place, a travel agent can offer you a lot of value. The agent will direct you away from tourist traps masquerading as an authentic travel destination and set you up with a trip that will help to give you the right kind of experience. Some travel agencies specialize in the authentic travel experience and can connect you with families or villages that will host your stay and include you in the everyday activities of their lives.

Special Access

Something that many travelers don’t realize that travel agents offer is special access. Agents can often use their contacts to get you tickets to a show that is supposedly sold out or snag you a table at a restaurant that otherwise has a three month waiting list. Even if your agent doesn’t mention it explicitly, you can ask them if they can arrange for you to visit a place of particular interest to you. You’ll probably be surprised at how often they can arrange for you get into that place that is normally closed to the public.

Extra Deals

Travel agents have a special relationship with vendor ranging from airlines and cruise ships to hotels and tour providers. Part of that relationship is that travel agents often receive special deals or promotions that only travel agencies every see. No website will ever list those deals and only an agent can get them for you. Just as important, agents can often combine their agent-only deals and promotions to get a price you can’t match on better seats, cabins or rooms than you expected.

Travel agents have adapted to the times and what they offer has adapted with it. Not only to do they give you professional service, they also offer you useful information, special access and deals, and the opportunity for more authentic travel. You can take advantage of the benefits travel agents have to offer at 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver, CO 80222.

A Time for Self-Booking and a Time for a Travel Agent

Frust mit Computer-HotlineThere are times for using the extensive, online resources available for self-booking your travel. For example, if you’re just looking to snag a flight from L.A. to the Big Apple, it makes complete sense to book online. There will plenty of seats, except around major holidays, and one will almost certainly be on your airline of choice. Not all travel is that simple, however, and there are times for using a travel agent.

Complex Trips

The more complicated the trip, the more opportunity there is for a scheduling error to throw the whole thing out of kilter. When your trip involves multiple flights into and out of multiple airports, with rooms booked at every location, it can be easy to make a mistake. Maybe you looked at your notes wrong and scheduled a room in Las Vegas for the date you’ll be in Miami. Maybe you thought you left yourself enough time to catch that connection in Atlanta, but you actually didn’t. A travel agent brings extensive experience to building complex trips that get where you’re trying to go and with lodging waiting for when you get there.

Foreign Travel

Foreign travel is always more complex than trips happening in your home country. While you still have to deal with security at home, you don’t have to fret about lines at the customs desk, having the proper visa on hand or bumping up against an insurmountable language barrier. While these are problems common to foreign travel, they can eat up more of your time than you may have planned on. Travel agents are well aware of the many things that can go wrong during foreign travel and do their best to build in a little leeway to make sure you don’t get caught on the wrong side of a time crunch.

Places You’ve Never Been

Going somewhere you’ve only read about or seen pictures of can be what travel is all about for some people, but it also amplifies the potential problems. If you book for yourself, you are at the mercy of what you can learn online. With many travel agents now offering specialization in a fairly narrow group of destinations, they are generally well-versed in where to go, what to do, and, almost more important, where you want to stay. While your accommodations are the only thing that matters, a lousy room in a dingy hotel can take a lot away from your experience.

There is a time for self-booking and there are times for using travel agents. If you’ve got your eye on a foreign trip, need to stick to complex schedule or are planning to go somewhere you have no direct experience with, those are times to bring in a pro. The agents at 1720 S Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver, Co 80222 can help you with trips that need a travel agents expertise.

Places to Visit for Christmas

Decoration with an  firtree branch, globe and toysWhile it’s easy to think that Christmas is something that is best done at home with family, the wide world offers an abundance of Christmas destinations. With the kids generally getting some time off for the holidays, it also means you’ve got an opportunity to take them abroad for a taste of how other cultures approach the iconic holiday. Here’s a few of the places that offer unrivaled Christmas opportunities


An arctic region located in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia, Lapland serves as something of an, albeit non-official, residence for that most Christmas of all people, Santa Clause. Rovaniemi, Lapland is home to Santa Clause Village, where you can find the Santa Clause Post Office, a multi-cultural Christmas exhibition, and even pay a visit to Santa’s Office.

The Big Apple

Although it’s one of the most popular Christmas destinations in the world, that doesn’t mean that trip isn’t worth it. New York City is home to possibly the most famous Christmas tree in the world: the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. The Rockefeller tree averages over 30,000 lights. You can stop by Macy’s Santaland to meet the red-suited toybringer and take in the elaborate North Pole Village. Don’t forget, New York is center for live performances and you can find Christmas-themed shows aplenty.


If it’s a taste of the Old World that you want, then Prague makes for an excellent destination. If you want to go early, you can watch St. Nick come to the Old Town Square, with an angel and devil as his entourage, and see him assess the relative good or bad of the city children. The city takes the holiday seriously with performances of classics, such as the Nutcracker, and Advent concerts. You visit the Christmas Market in the Old Town Square, and partake of handmade crafts, pilsner beers or indulge with traditional trdelník pastries.

While these are only a few of the many places you could choose to go to get your Christmas fix in a place different from home. Other fine choices included Puerto Rico, Paris, and London. For the adventurous soul that wants to do Christmas somewhere new, but finds the hassle of making the arrangements a bit much to contemplate amid the holiday shopping, you don’t necessarily need to do it all yourself. For an assist with the planning and booking, an agent at 1720 Bellaire St. Suite 308, Denver, CO 80222 can help you make a different kind of Christmas happen.

Holiday Travel Survival Tips

Old case with chrismas hat and teddybearThe holiday season is often the only time during the years when families make a concerted effort to spend time together. While many people treasure this time together, the process for actually getting to where your family is can be downright awful. Use these holiday travel survival tips to make it through the next holiday trip.

Don’t Wrap It

It’s completely understandable that you want to wrap those Christmas gifts at home, where you’ve got time and know exactly where to go to find more tape and wrapping paper. Unfortunately, you might watch all that hard work you put into wrapping your nephew’s expensive, electronics-heavy present literally get ripped apart at security. If the present includes something that seems suspicious to security, they will remove the wrapping to examine the contents.

Go Early, Leave Late

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the busiest travel days tend to be the day before Thanksgiving itself and the Sunday after. If your own schedule allows for it, try to leave a day or two early and stay a day or two late. It’ll help you avoid the total chaos at the airports and the unusually heavy road traffic as people try to get to and from their destinations.

Use a Travel Agent

While a simple trip to your parents’ or child’s home is normally something you can do on a travel websites, holiday travel is an entirely different animal. Planes are often booked to capacity or over-capacity weeks in advance and the same is often true for hotels. A travel agent’s network of contacts inside the industry can score you an otherwise impossible to secure room or get you seated together on the plane ride. If you want to uncomplicated your holiday travel arrangements and you live in Ormond Beach, head over to 100 East Grandada Blvd, Ormond Beach, Florida 32176 for some professional travel assistance.

Put that Scale to Use

Most people have a scale at home. Look for a dusty, rectangular object that has been pushed or kicked into a neglected corner. Dust that scale off and use it to weigh your bags. If they look iffy in terms of weight, sort through them and look for things you can live without. With the capacity booking, there will be zero tolerance on overweight baggage. Expect to get whacked with a hefty surcharge if that bag comes in over 40 or 50 pounds, depending on your airline.

Don’t let the crush that is holiday travel crush your holiday spirit. By employing these holiday travel tips, you can make your travel less problematic and easier to survive.

Tips to Travel Safely by Yourself

man and woman on the dessertFor some people, the idea of heading off to parts unknown alone is a prospect as terrifying as public speaking. For others, the idea of solo travel sounds like a thing slice of heaven served up on perfection plate. The idea of being all but free from the normal social obligations sparks the imagination and conjures images of reinventing yourself. Yet, traveling alone isn’t all fun. It also exposes you to more potential risks. Here are a few tips to make traveling by yourself both fun and safe.

Learn a Bit of Local Lingo
Few things are worse than finding yourself in a spot of trouble and not being able to communicate that fact to the people who want to help you. Learn to both speak and understand some basic phrases in the local language. You don’t need to master the language, but you should be able to ask for directions, order some food and express that you need medical attention.

Research the Local Customs
Your failure to observe local customs exposes you as an outsider. For example, while tipping is both customary and expected in the US, Canada and Chile, you don’t tip in Japan, France or Australia where tipping is either not part of the culture or included in the bill. In countries with a strong Islamic culture, it violates custom and religious practice to eat, handle money, or exchange items with the left hand. Disregarding local customs can lead to awkward situations and encourage thieves to rob you.

Drink Responsibly
When traveling in Europe, where wine making and strong beer are common, it can be tempting to overindulge or forget that alcohol content is higher. For the lone traveler, getting drunk makes it easy for thieves to take advantage of you. In South America, hard liquor sometimes gets contaminated with contain methanol which is toxic.

Learn About Local Environmental Dangers
Every environment has dangerous plants, animals and insects. Take the time to learn which are which at your destination and be able to recognize them. The developing world often has much looser environmental regulations than the developed world, which can lead to contaminated water and soil. Read up so you can avoid heavily contaminated areas of a country.

Take Basic Precautions
You lock your doors and windows at your house or when traveling in your home country, do the same when you travel abroad. Double check to make sure doors are securely closed and latched. Make use of the security measures provided by hotels, such as safes to store currency or identification. Avoid ground floor rooms in hotels. Second, third and fourth story rooms are harder to break into from the outside, but still accessible with basic rescue equipment in the event of an emergency, such as a fire.

Traveling alone doesn’t need to mean traveling at risk. By doing your research, taking basic precautions and brushing up on local culture, you can embrace the joys of traveling by yourself and do it safely. If you want assistance in planning a safe, solo journey, the travel agents at 1919 S Highland Ave, Building B-Suite 210, Lombard, IL, 60148 can provide advice and secure bookings for you.

5 Benefits of Using a Travel Agency

african backpacker on public phone

With sea change in how travel agencies operate now, gone are the days of agencies as the gatekeepers of travel, here are the days of agencies as travel consultants, customers can expect to reap serious benefits from using an agency.  Here are 5 benefits you can get from using an agency instead of booking yourself.

Destination Advice

Not everyone has a clear idea of where they want to go or how they want to get there. If you want to visit the Caribbean, a travel agency can give you the ins and outs of flying there and staying in a hotel, as well as giving you a comparison to taking a cruise. For the uncertain traveler, this kind of advice can prove invaluable in making choices.

Real Information

Hotels, resorts, cruise lines, and airlines make their money by convincing you that they have the best views, the best service, the best food or the best price. It’s important to remember that that all these bests were probably dreamed up, focus group tested, and packaged by a very adept marketing team for the sole purpose of getting you to pick a particular service provider. An agency doesn’t win if it feeds you bad information, so you’ll get an honest assessment from them before you book.


There are a shocking number of extras that travel businesses use to entice customers to book a more expensive version of their original plans. Travel agencies, either through personal connections or through the sheer volume of bookings they do, can often negotiate these extras for you at no extra cost. It might just be getting a fee waived or a room upgrade, but once you string a few of those together, it can mean a substantial cost savings and much more enjoyable trip.

Travel Wisdom

Successful travel often comes out of knowing little things that escapes the tour books and never crop up online. Most travel agents log an absurd amount of travel over the course of their career. They’re in a position to tell you whether it’s worth it to just buy something on arrival, rather than transporting it across an ocean, and with ever rising fees on baggage, that kind of wisdom isn’t just helpful, it financially valuable.

A Place to Lodge Complaints

Was your room lacking some of the promised amenities, like free WiFi access? Was your tour guide completely incompetent? Did the airline send your bag to Estonia? Your travel agency gives you a place to call and vent about the frustration of these issues, both during and after the trip. Just as important, the agency will raise a stink on your behalf to the problem dealt with immediately.

A good travel agency offers the traveler a way to enhance the quality of their trip through a careful combination of practical advice and wisdom, quality information, and folding in extras. A stop at 1919 S. Highland Ave, Building B-Suite 210, Lombard, IL 60148 will let an agency capture these benefits for you.